Here are some responses we have seen from people who have used the SageRock System or a private labeled version of the system.

Mark Riggs from Bio Gene Seeds sent me a note telling me some successes he recently had.
He said that he went from being able to only finding his site for his company name to now ranking in the top results for phrases like:
  • ohio hybrid seed corn
  • ohio seed corn
  • ohio soybean varieties

He said that he was able to do this based on the things he learned from the classes he’s been coming to at Corn States Web Marketing (A private distributor version of The SageRock System).

“Finally the overwhelming thought of  website optimization, search engine marketing, social media, mobile technology has been made absolutely simple”
~Holly Hennenfent GM/Marketing, Munson Hybrids.

Parma City Schools passes their levy on the 8th try!

Dr. Linda Ocepek, the Communications Coordinator of The Parma City Schools is currently engaged in The SageRock System.

She was kind enough to say a few words about her experience with The System. This is what she had to say:
“Sage and the SageRock System have already helped give me andThe Parma City Schools new ideas and clear steps on how to make the most of search engine marketing and social media marketing.The Parma City Schools levy is coming up in a couple months. Sage has helped us make the most of the Internet marketing world when dealing with a time crunch.”

Dr. Linda Ocepek, Communications Coordinator, Parma City Schools.